Insurance Info - Certificate Requests

May 2023 - Franklin Hamilton Insurance - Instructions to Request Certificates of Insurance via EOI DIRECT
High Point of Delray Beach Condominium Association Section 3, Inc.
EOI Direct provides around-the-clock online access to insurance information for lenders, mortgage brokers, closing agents, homeowners, and realtors in need of Master Policy data for community associations insured through our agency (Franklin Hamilton Insurance).
EOI Direct
412 E. Park Center Blvd, Suite 315
Boise, ID  83706
Phone: (877) 456-3643   Fax: (208) 694-3848
To request a Certificate of Insurance call the number above, or to request it online, follow the instruction below:
  • Follow the links to register and write down your User ID and Password so you can login to your account when prompted.
  • There is a delivery charge for mortgage clause additions but there is no cost to register for this service and Master Policy information is available free of charge online.
  • Once you have logged on to your account, click on "Evidence of Insurance" to search and access the association policy information you are seeking.
  • For additional assistance, EOI Direct's customer service department is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 8pm ET.
CLICK HERE to download/print these instructions