Highpoint Guidelines, Rules & Regulations

If you reside in High Point Section 3 as an Owner, Leasee, or Guest you are subject to the Rules, Regulations & Guidelines.  Read and become familiar with this document and contact us if you have any questions.
Rules & Regulations
The following guidelines are only a brief summary of our Declaration of Documents.  Violations of these guidelines by unit owners, their guests or approved occupants, are the direct responsibility of the individual unit owner.
ABSENCE FROM UNIT: When leaving your unit for an extended period of time, please shut off the water supply to your unit. (The valve is located in front between the B & C units) Also, disconnect your hot water heater from its power source. If it cannot be disconnected in the laundry room, you can trip the circuit breaker located in your unit. Put bleach in your toilets and cover with plastic wrap to prevent rodents from entering through the pipes.
A/C & PLUMBING: Air conditioners, including compressors, hot water heaters and water pipes serving the individual unit are the responsibility of the unit owner.
ATTIRE: A shirt or beach cover-up must be worn over bathing suits when not in the immediate pool area. Shoes or sandals are required when entering the Clubhouse from the pool area.
AWNINGS: Awnings must be lowered & secured and Shutters closed and secured when you are absent for an extended period of time during hurricane season. (Hurricane season is from June 1st to November 30th)
BICYCLES: Bicycles may be parked only against the rear of your building or in front of your vehicle. No bicycles are to be left in front of your unit or in the entryway.
BUILDING EXTERIOR: No unit owner shall change the outside appearance of the common area, including planting, nor have additions of any kind installed (i.e. awnings, patios, gutters etc.) without first obtaining written approval of the Board of Directors.
CABLE TV: Cable TV is provided for all units. Tune in to Channel 63 for Community News. Ground level satellite dishes are permitted with written permission of the Board of Directors.   Note: Satellite dishes may not be attached directly to the building.
CAR WASHING: Washing vehicles on the lawn (common ground) is prohibited to avoid possible damage to underground pipes and sprinklers.
CLUBHOUSE: There is NO SMOKING in the Clubhouse. Children under eighteen (18) years of age are not permitted in the Clubhouse without an adult other than to use the restrooms.  Persons must be eighteen (18) years of age or older to use the billiard room. Shoes and proper attire must be worn when in the Clubhouse.
EMERGENCY ACCESS: The Association has the right to access your unit in the event of an emergency. A key to your unit should be kept in your Unit Owner file in the Association office for emergency use by the Board of Directors. If you do not supply a key for use by the Board, please leave the name of person(s) possessing a key to your unit for the Board of Directors to contact in an emergency.
EMPLOYEES: Employees of the Association take orders directly from the Board of Directors, not individual unit owners. Employees are allowed to accept jobs unrelated to their regular duties, provided these jobs are performed outside of their regularly scheduled hours.
GUESTS: Unit owners are responsible for their guest’s behavior. Please inform your guests of the general rules and regulations of the Association. If you are not in residence, but intend to have guests occupy your unit, you must inform the Board of Directors in writing. Please give the following information:
  • Names and ages of Guests
  • Relationship to Owner
  • Dates of Arrival and Departure
  • Make of Vehicle and License Plate Number
Guest/Temporary Occupancy” forms are available by calling the office at (561) 266-0075. Please leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. If individuals will be occupying a unit in the unit owner’s absence for more than (30) days they will be considered as renters, in which case the owner must contact the Director of Sales/Office to obtain forms required for rentals and approval.
HURRICANES: All patio furniture, plants, grills, etc. must be removed from the exterior of the building when a hurricane warning is issued. These items are to be stored in your unit – NOT in the laundry room. Remove propane tanks from grills before storing indoors. Make sure all awnings and shutters are properly secured.
INSURANCE: The Association is responsible for the exterior of the building. It is the responsibility of the unit owner to insure the interior and contents of his/her unit. Flood insurance is the responsibility of the unit owner, should a mortgage lender require such coverage.
LAUNDRY ROOMS: Hours are from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM only. Drying clothes on portable dryers on common areas is not permitted. Wet clothing or other items may not be draped over bushes, awning supports, chairs etc., for drying. Per City fire code, laundry rooms are not to be used for storage purposes. No bicycles, yard tools, lawn chairs or anything combustible may be stored in laundry rooms. Laundry room doors must be closed when you exit to prevent damage to doors due to wind and rain and to prevent infiltration by insects, rodents & snakes.
PARKING: All vehicles must display current license tags in accordance with City ordinance or they will be towed. Unit owners are allowed only one parking space per unit. A unit owner may not utilize more than one parking space by straddling their vehicle and thereby invading a second space. Guest parking spaces are available for all guests and are not exclusively assigned to a unit owner. Temporary (24 hours only) parking of boats, trailers, RV/campers or large trucks is allowed in the parking lot located at the south end of the pool area with prior approval of the Board of Directors. Disabled vehicles or vehicles with “For Sale” notices are prohibited. No golf carts, motorcycles, 3 wheeled motorcycles or vehicles with modified and/or loud exhaust systems are allowed at any time.
PATIOS/LANDSCAPING: Patio installation and landscaping request must be approved by the Board of Directors before any work can begin. “Patio Installation Request & Agreement” and/or“ Landscaping Request and Agreement” forms are available on the website or by calling the Association office at (561) 266-0075. A drawing of the proposed patio/landscaping, with dimensions, must accompany the form. Patios and borders must consist of removable concrete patio pavers in a neutral color (beige/natural). Should the patio blocks need to be removed to access utility lines or pipes, the cost of replacing said patio blocks is the responsibility of the unit owner.
PETS: WE ARE A NO PET COMMUNITY! All pets, including those visiting, are in violation of this rule. NO feeding of wild/feral animals are allowed.
POOL: All persons must shower before entering pool. Children under the age of twelve (12)are not permitted in the pool area unless accompanied by an adult. The only approved swimming device is a floatation vest. Rubber rafts, tubes, “water wings” or “swimmies” are not permitted.
Children using floatation devices must be accompanied by an adult eighteen (18) years of age or older while in the pool. Diving, jumping, ball playing, and general “horseplay” is not permitted in the pool or the area surrounding the pool. Persons with open wounds, bandages etc., are not allowed in the pool. Chairs and lounges must be covered with a towel if oils or lotions are used. Chairs, lounges and umbrellas must be returned to their original position when leaving the pool area.
Ashtrays are available for smokers – please use them. DO NOT use the flower pots as ashtrays, as it destroys the plantings. No glass containers are allowed. Only plastic containers for beverages are allowed. No alcoholic beverages are allowed except during Board approved social functions. During these functions, alcohol may be consumed on the pool apron under the canopy only.
SALES & RENTALS: There are procedures and restrictions that we must conform to according to article XI – Declaration of Condominium. The Association Office must be notified, in writing, prior to selling or renting any unit. “Intent to Sell” and “Intent to Rent” forms are available on the website or by calling the Association office at (561) 266-0075. Please leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. These forms must be completed and returned before any sale or rental can proceed. Real estate agents must pick up sales applications and other documents before proceeding with a sale.
SIGNS: No signs, advertisements or lettering shall be exhibited, inscribed, painted or affixed either inside or outside of any building. Announcements and advertisements may be posted inside the Clubhouse on the bulletin board across from the poolside entrance door for a limited period of thirty (30) days. These notices must be dated, signed and include the owner’s name, unit number and telephone number.
TRASH & RECYCLABLES: Garbage collection is on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Trash and wet garbage should be placed at curbside early on the morning of collection. Recyclables are picked up early Friday morning. Place recycle bins may be placed at curbside Thursday evenings. Bulk/Large items pick up is currently on Tuesday’s.