Posted on May 28th, 2022

Owners must be sure to secure their Unit when leaving for the season (June 1- Nov 1) and long periods of time.  This is a serious safety issue during hurricane season.
  • All outside furniture, pots, and other items must be removed from patios and stored. 
  • Shutters must be closed and secured.
  • Turn off water to the Unit and attend to Hot Water Tanks, Air Conditioning Units, Etc.
Update your Emergency Contact and Home Minder Information – this can be done by updating your Profile Info on the website or sending the information to the High Point Office via mail or email or phone.
Hurricane Preparation Assistance is available to close & open shutters and to store patio furniture & other outside items.**  Charges are:
*  2 BRoom- $30 close/$30 open  
*  1 BRoom- $20 close/$20 open
Patio Furniture & Other Items:
* Amount Charged will be determined by the quantity of  items.
Click here to place a Request online (Log In required) Cost & Info provided**
A $100 Fine Will Be Charged to Owners for furniture & other items left outside when leaving for the season (June-Nov) or extended periods of time.
Items removed will be discarded.
**High Point Section 3 HOA is assisting you in finding this help.  We do not collect fees and are not responsible for the transaction between you and the person providing the service. Details are on the Request Form.