"Comings & Goings"

Posted on November 21, 2022 by Elayne
We would like to welcome back our seasonal residents ....and to those who have not arrived yet ----"come on down"!!!!
You should all be aware at this point that we dodged a bullet --- by avoiding serious damage from two major hurricanes.  Our hearts go out to our fellow Floridians who suffered great losses due to these storms.  
On a lighter note, we anticipate a great season at High Point and look forward to seeing you all.
Our section "Comings & Goings" will be a new feature on our website, and will include interesting and fun things to do in both Section 111 and our surrounding towns (new restaurants, festivals, art shows, museums, etc.).  Oh.... and juicy gossip...  Just kidding!!!
For now, we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!
I want to thank our Web Team and office personnel who have worked tirelessly to make our website informative and useful for all of us.
Until next time!
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